Old Town

Old Town

Monday, February 3, 2014


This is a film by Team Chestnut.  I can tell you the story behind it right quick:

Ok so the first film I was a part of making in Estonia was not the best, I mean our hearts were in the right place but it just didn't turn out the way it should have.  Needless to say I needed a change of group/scenery and when I changed the scenery to some people that cared a little more about what was going on this was the result.  Ok so I got into this group with a Canadian an Estonian and a Latvian (Latvians are always less deeper than they think) and we are tossing around ideas for a short film, when everybody in the group is an "artist" you might as well make a mockumentary, I was pondering the idea in my head for it to be about a black rapper, but for whatever reason me and the Canadian were on the same page, so he blurts it out and I'm like I was thinking the same shit but if I said it, it might have gotten a WTF from the others -- but thats the point of film school to learn - say things that might be off track or far away from what others are thinking - keep it fresh thats what you are there for everything is not gonna be perfect that store is not gonna have what you want sometimes so move on to something else adjust make a brash decision or you might as well go home and do the same thing you were doing before.

After the Canadian made the suggestion we ran with it and told the class what the plan was with little to no preparation it all just fell into place.  That's how it goes; sometimes it just goes your way and you roll with it, the key is to know when to roll with it and when to bail, so many times we come to points where the we can take a left or take a right but sometimes its just best to go straight until the road runs out.

Enjoy and maybe I can make it over there to finish the trilogy...