Old Town

Old Town

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

Well spring is in the air even if it is 35 degrees. Go figure. I am settling in nicely to this new dorm. Its pretty cool. Theres a couple of other black dudes in the dorm. One of them I know, he is very cool, the other well let's just say he doesn't seem very social. It's cool tho. I finally made it to the Wing Stopp it's right around the corner and it's off the hook. Ironically a black dude seems to run it. It's a cliché but nowadays what the hell isn't right? Classes are going good. I have a newfound respect for editing, it's very time consuming but when you finish you are proud of the work you have done. We started messing with FCPX it's no joke. The whole format changed so at first I was a little overwhelmed, but it's cool because you can always go back and fix the shit you mess up. It's best to play around with it take a few hours see what's what and so forth. It also gives you easier ways to do things, when you get down to the nitty gritty of it, I mean I am by no means an expert but I am starting to get to know my way around it.

Taking a new class called history and theory of communications and culture it's theory based. Mostly dealing with what old white guys labeled this or that and how people change over time their perceptions and so forth. It's pretty insightful if you ask me. But it's really tough to take it too serious. There's always a class debate which is good to hear people express how they feel about the topic. I usually don't say much in that one, maybe it's because I know it's mostly theory and there is really no right or wrong answer. Maybe that's a reason I should engage. But there's waaaaay too many heads up in that piece and sometimes it seems to turn into a bit of a shouting match at least that's the way I see it some of the time. I respect other people's opinion whether I agree or not its their opinion unless it's just totally dumb, there is no defending stupid shit, I don't care how you see it.

I been slacking off on the blog, yeah I know. But it's tuff to keep up with it with school work and this or that going on. Since it's warming up a bit I think I will start going out a little more. I been a bit of a recluse as of late. Just bored, and I gotta still get a flight back home for the summer it's gonna run me about $500 but it will be worth it when I touch down. NCAA basketball tournament kicks off tonight. I am anxious for that. I never missed a tourney but this season it's gonna be tuff to catch as many games as I usually catch. Kinda excited tho because who doesn't like to see an upset or two or three... but without anyone to really watch and enjoy the games with is gonna be hard. I am so used to watchin it with the fellas back home shouting at the tv screen ordering pizza and talking shit. That's really what I miss most about being at home just being able to hang out with people you can seriously relate to. I'm not saying that I can't relate to anyone here but there's some shit I would like to talk about without people getting uptight about it like some people do here. I am in no way stating that people here can't relate they can, but not about certain things. Its just a cultural divide when it comes to some stuff. Like jordans on a saturday or hearing a good rap song or telling a joke no one gets well they get it but you have to explain it down to every last detail. I also wanna talk shit without no one getting offended but this place is not there yet with that.

The other day I was on the bus and the mofos came to check tickets! This time I was ass out with no bus pass on my card no ticket no nothing! I was sitting there waiting for the dude to ask me for my shit but he never did. It was such a relief, needless to say the next day I filled up for the month. I had a discussion with my friend about how they just come on the bus block all exits and check tickets his words were "it's very Soviet" I was like yeah he gave me the scoop on how to bail on them if I should be in that situation next time.... I'm just gonna try to follow the rules. Some people back home have no regard for rules which is why they would fail big time if they came here, always trying to fight for this or that but why even resort to that? Just go with it, people say you should do this or that. My response is there ain't but 10 black people in Estonia and there is no need for me to be on anybody's radar don't put me in the system at all, and don't give them a reason try to fly straight.

Well that's it til next time. As my cousin in Cali says "be good if you can't be safe" true words to live by in many cases, maybe I will update this thing when I go on vacation next week ...then again maybe I won't(Judy Blume) have a good spring break wherever your headed even if it's just the couch to watch some NCAA tourney action. Go Cuse.