Old Town

Old Town

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Out with a bang!

So the semester ended and I did better this semester than last. Especially in the advanced camera work. The professor picked our film as one of the best 3 in the class. It was an honor because he was riding my ass the whole school year like nobody's business. Sure the story was a bit of a cliché and simple, but we worked our asses off on it and got the result we wanted. I wanted to make something that showed people that I know what the fuck I'm doing, and something people could watch and understand not some deep student film that only I could understand or would take people all day to get. I kept it simple but it worked. My DOP was amazing a lot of people counted us out but we came through like I knew we could. There were some amazing productions as well. They inspired me to do more. More planning more complex story lines. Now that I see what a team of people can do, I need to channel my ideas into more elaborate and thought provoking ideas which I am totally capable of doing. I want to thank my classmates for instilling a sense of pride in our projects and hope to do big things with most of them in the future. It's only the end of the first year and our class seems to be on the right track. We will keep this up so it's only right that we stay on top of our game.

On another note the weather seems to have finally broken and you can actually go places with no jacket! It's about time. The thing is we will have a great week and then a shitty few days. There is no point in listening to what the weather will be like because it will change in a few hours or it will be completely different from whatever was reported. Your best bet is to look out the window and see what it looks like before heading out the door. I can't complain about the female attire these days either and that's all I will say.

I started hanging with some black dudes from back home. They cool as shit. We been going to clubs(free)and just chilling. Found one dude owning a place called WING STOPP shit is amazing no let down here. I was getting wings in Tallinn and just being disappointed everywhere I went. I googled this place and it turns out the place was right around the corner from my dorm. I been going there faithfully ever since. So if you are ever in Tallinn check it out.

This place has grown on me 4 sure but it's about that time to get home so I can work and pay for this shit too. The first year is the toughest but I got through it. And that was my main goal. Just get through it and stay focused on why I came here who cares if people still stare at me on the bus and who cares if you hear a racial slur. My new thing is if it doesn't apply then it doesn't fly and keep it moving. I got about 2 weeks left to enjoy what Tallinn has to offer, and hopefully it will make me want to come back that much more. Next semester should be great and the semester after that will be insane if all goes well. I need to brush up on my Portuguese skills and see if I can actually learn something useful for living in Porto while I am at it.

Hopefully next semester I can move into a flat or something. This dorm shit is expensive and I am beginning to really question if it's worth it. Either way I will have to live somewhere with a good location. The new school should be open and that will be a boost not having to go to Mustamae every morning. I could cut my transport cost as well. Maybe its just wishful thinking but at least it's thinking at all.

People always ask what's the first thing you are going to do when you get home? I'm gonna go for a walk thru Manhattan and enjoy the sights sounds and food that I've been missing. Absorb the atmosphere and take it all in. The pizza place on 96th&3rd will do me just right. Everyone in NYC has their pizza joint and I swear by that one. After I enjoy NYC for a few days I'll probably swing it down to MD. I love NYC but I haven't heard about an internship and I really can't afford to waste time looking for work in tv and film when I could be stacking some bread to pay for this dream that I am living. So I love NY but MD is where the money is for me. So its only right that I do what I have to do in order to do what I want to do.