Old Town

Old Town

Saturday, April 7, 2012

No sign of spring.

Yeah it's been a minute I took a little excursion to Amsterdam. I was in need of some diversity in my life. A good time was had by all. Of course everyone is like did you go to a Coffee Shop? In my mind I'm like yeah of
Course I did you idiot! I haven't really been to a place like that well this was the first time I went without a girl friend in Amsterdam which was the best because I could actually enjoy the scenery and with all the extra curricular activities that take place there was no one was looking at me like I had a problem... The closest I think I have seen to Amsterdam in the cities I have been to is Copenhagen the similarities are striking like riding bikes and the small size of the city. Amsterdam has Copenhagen beat when it comes to the weather and the women. I saw some of the most attractive chicks I've ever seen and I've been a few places. Here in Tallinn everybody's blonde well of
Course not everybody but more than anything I see blonde out here all the varieties whatever you wanna call it dirty blonde platinum blonde blah blah blah. It was nice to see all shades and colors of beautiful women in general.

I got back to Tallinn from Amsterdam and as soon as I got off the plane it was cold and rainy and the stares started right where they left off. In Amsterdam it felt good because I just blended in there here in Tallinn not so much. I don't mind the stares at this point it's nothing new the thing that kinda irks me is when girls are with their man and just stare you down like they want to leave their boyfriend or some shit. I just smile and keep it moving. Besides I think that shit might draw some serious hatred if and when I do hook up with some Estonian girl at some point. Guys seem pretty protective I should say about their girls, but it never stopped me before so I don't think it will this time around either. It's like Easter weekend or some shit, I don't really know anything about it alls I know is one of the last times I went to church was Easter and I was dating a religious girl, I never figured out why I dated so many religious girls back home, but anyway there was a play about Jesus bringing Lazarus back from the dead so that's what I thought Easter was about actually it's about Jesus being resurrected or some shit like that. No disrespect but if you've been reading this blog you know I'm not religious.

It's April here and it's fucking snowing! Real classy was hoping for spring to show up but at this point I don't see it on the radar, yeah the sun shines and all that but c'mon(Erasmus Voice) its like 4 degrees out this bitch there's nothing spring about it.

On a high note I did get into the Erasmus program and I will be going somewhere much warmer than here. I don't want to give too many details only if someone asks do I tell them where I will be going no need for any extra attention, I'm just glad I am getting to go somewhere else and still be able to study what I love.

As far as movies go I been going to a bunch lately it seems like all I'm seeing is CIA movies and they are pretty entertaining then you just see a bad one like "the cold light of day" or some shit filled with cliches and bad car chases and typical double crosses here and there, I like a good CIA movie just as much as the next person but it has to be done good. Not too much of this or that and enough of the McGuffin we get the point. It seems that they are making them set in Europe and I guess that's why the euros love them so much. I try not to read the critics back home cuz half the time they don't know what the hell they are talking about except for a few. A friend if mine back home always would say Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a good rating but I refuse to let a website determine whether or not I will see a movie, let me decide for myself.

Been having a lil trouble sleeping lately gotta figure that out. And get back on track. I'm in need of some R&R. I been going to this trivia night on Thursday and Ive bee winning we have a team with 6 peeps If you win not only do you win a free round of drinks but you win the pot as well. We had an awesome team last week, there was an American girl there she was very smart like book wise a Brasilia a few Frenchies and a spanish. We all came thru at some point and we won by like 5 points or something. When I showed up on the team I noticed a look of doubt on some of the teams face but I had played with Mr. French before and won with him too so he knew I was good for a few Ms America took care of the loose ends very well. Yeah I'll be back next week for sure. Hopefully I cam redeem myself for mistaking michael mann for Michael bay. That one was really annoying. Hopefully we can keep the streak alive and win again but you never know.

Until next time. Have a good spring and who knows maybe it'll decide to show up here in Estonia too.

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