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Old Town

Friday, February 10, 2012

A new semester a new year a new me

So the last semester turned out pretty good grade wise(3.2). Although I do have a little bone to pick with one of my ''Professors'' about the grade for Camera work. I guess he just wants more from me. I know that not everyone in the class either directed or shot their own silent film and I am pretty sure they received higher marks than me, but I am not gonna stress it and bitch and moan, so next time I just gotta either direct or shoot something and if I can't find a group that will allow me to do these things I'm gonna do my own project like str8 up(shout out to Spike Lee&Jonze) just me if it comes down to it. I got clearance to NOT take English Comp II which is a relief cuz man I took all kinds of English classes at other schools. I just need to get the grade sent here, but being as though it is from Southern University, I think it's best if I just get the papers when I go home and bring them back with me.  I finally started paying for the bus but it's more of a paranoia thing and the fact that I am one of like 20 black people in Estonia it is best if I stay out of the system and off of the polices radar + the bus costs like 8.50€ a month and the fine is 40€, you do the math.

The new dorm is great, it has more of a college atmosphere.  I got my own room its cool.  I was talking to a classmate on the bus today which was cool because usually I see them they see me and kind of keep it moving.  I guess I should be more social or something, but I can only be me for better or worse.  This blog is cool because I can just write what I feel, that is the way I look at it but some people look too deep into what I write.  What I mean is like one of my friends went to a Q&A with a music group she really likes.  When the band was asked questions about the meanings of their songs their answers were not what she expected, they were basic answers nothing too deep which is what she was expecting.  I guess I am the same way, I just write I dont think too much about it or try to get all deep or anything, there is a time and a place for that and this blog is not it.  I seem to have developed a bit of a following based on the statistics of this thing, like there are people in Japan reading this and I know maybe one person there and I haven't seen them since I passed out in their apartment back in '03, long story.

Estonia is growing on me and I feel like as long as I stay positive and keep a good attitude everything will be good.  Or maybe that's part of my American mentality.  Some people out here can be pretty negative, or they expect negativity.  I get asked have you had any problems here or there?  The answer to that is nothing major, I mean I might get a drunk that crowds me or gets a little too close but nothing like too serious.  I gotta be smart and put myself in the right situations so I wont have to deal with that sort of thing.  Although I did kind of walk into the wrong building and I kind of knew it as soon as I was approached, I was like is this such and such?  The dude was like no, so I immediately walked out...  Tallinn seems to have its fair share of shady side streets and underground type of places minorities probably want to stay clear of.  I can't go into too much detail because maybe I am wrong, all I am saying is if it looks shady then your best bet is to stay away, or be with a local.  I made a few trips out to this section called Lasnamae and it is ok but you probably want to be going to see someone or meet someone, you don't just wanna get up in the morning and say I think I will go to Lasnamae, yeah not a good idea. Kind of like sections of Baltimore. I spent the New Year out there it was ok... But I think next year I will go to the center and hang out with the fireworks in Freedom Square.

Its a new semester and that means new Erasmus, its gonna be hard for them to fill the shoes of the Fall semester Erasmus students.  Those guys/girls were really cool.  The thing about it is some of the students got pretty close and there is nothing wrong with that but you have to realize that if they are your true friends you WILL stay in contact with them and your paths will cross again as well.  I moved around a lot as a kid so getting too close to people is not one of my strong suits(thanks a lot Mom and Dad), I mean the people I met in DK are one thing we still communicate a good amount and I have been reunited with quite a few of them, the others I know I will see sooner than later because I am here in Europe and the older we get the more opportunity for travel and stuff like that.  I just hope this new Erasmus group maybe even comes close to the last one and so on and so on.  I am learning a lot from different cultures and people are like why don't you go to this party or that party, but I mean come on I am trying to keep my grades up I can't be going here and there 4 nights a week, + after you have been in Tallinn for a little while you know what the deal is when you go to these places.  There is an Erasmus WOW party tomorrow at this place called Hoov, and its a cool place but it is way better when its a lot warmer, it is an indoor outdoor place and I know what to expect.  It's 5€ and well thats cool but man fuck that.  Add to that the fact that they will be playing Techno music the whole night and man I hate that SHIT.  I listen to it here and there The Chemical Brothers are cool but after like 20 minutes of that I am out...

Unfortunately my Macbook pretty much crashed on me all I hear is a scratching sound and it wont do anything at all(Hard Drive), its kind of annoying I really feel like throwing it out of the window but I will give it to my sister to bring back home when I see her in the spring.  Good thing I got an Iphone cuz without that I would be dead in the water.  I can't think about it too much or I will get down just gotta get another one when I get home or something I found a site that sells used ones at an affordable price and any electronic is cheaper at home than in Europe at all, unless you get a deal or something.  But they seem hard to come by.  I'm pretty psyched that the new Denzel Washington movie comes out today(Safe House) and I am pretty sure it will be at Solaris, I might go check it out tonight.  I also need to pay my rent too so I will be in hibernation for the most part this weekend, maybe I will go for a beer tonight.  The best thing tho is that the Giants won the Superbowl and the computer worked that night so that is a good thing.  I am still pretty happy about that one and that Asian kid Jeremy Lin is representing for the Knicks this week so far, we will see if he can keep it going.

Its been awhile since I wrote anything, like a month. Sorry guys I was busy being MC SQUARED.  That was fun.  Although to be honest I was a little conflicted at times at how to approach the character, I did not want to be too over the top or too coonish with it, like I gotta maintain who I am as a person a lot of it was fake but a good amount was real. I had to bring both together and get some sort of point across when it came time to take the stage I was a bit weirded out like WTF am I doing here.  At the same time I did not wanna disrespect rap to a certain extent because it is something I love, even though a lot of the stuff coming out today is str8 garbage, and the styles are a bit too over the top like how low do you guys need to wear your pants saggin(saggin spelled backwards is...)and what you wear and drive does not make you who you are, just be yourself however fucked up and insecure that may be no matter what society says or what TV shows you watch or what your parents told you at some point you need to do your own thing.

Until next time, safe travels wherever that may be.

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  1. "I just write I dont think too much about it or try to get all deep or anything"

    It's the way to write...it's real that way