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Old Town

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So that was christmas

I had a good holiday I guess. I went to McDonalds and got my grub on for a lil bit. Other than that I watched some more Goodfellas and just chilled in my room. The day after I went to a lil Christmas party dinner and had some typical Estonian Christmas food. Blood sausages, sauerkraut, potatoes some jellied pork type of thing(not a fan) and I made some Mac and cheese to give the food some American flavor. There were a few Hungarians there they brought some deserts I was so full I only tried the chocolate balls with coconut on the outside and a cherry in the middle. It was pretty good but a lil too rich on the chocolate if you ask me.

New years is coming up and I think it should be a good one. As for the NyE party there are a few on deck but choosing which one to go to has never been my strong suit. I mean the night of the year 2000 we kicked some windows out at some school in Dundalk. Later that night there was some guys getting into it over girls and then someone wanted to fight over it so yeah that was a pretty bad NYE. After that year I think I watched on MTV for like the next two yeas then it just got wack. Since about 2005(I saw the ball drop in times square that night) I been hanging with friends from high school and that is always a blast. If I was at home there is a good chance I would be doing that. But I'm not so Tallinn it is. There is a classmate who is having a party seems like a good idea, but I move into a new dorm on new years day so I don't know if I want to be out that late. But either way I will prolly be out til the first bus anyway.

I got a list of new year resolutions that need to be resolved. I'll try my hand at learning a new language more than likely it will be Spanish besides I can use it when I get back to the states. Stop smoking as much as I do well I already have done that since I have been here is Estonia... Work my ass off and get a D7000(insider term) and stop eating out as much. These resolutions seem more attainable than ones I have had in the past. Given my location and lack of outside distraction I should do just fine. Maybe even try and find "The One" if I haven't already ;) but I really should at least consider settling down with something steady hell all of my friends have anyway. But like my grandfather said "everything you do, do it for yourself you are your own person so no one can tell you what you should or shouldn't do it's in your hands".

I read on another blogging site some lady bitching about this or thatcand giving awards out to people and things she wishes for next year so here is mine:

Best decision of the year: moving to Tallinn

Worst decision of the year: moving to Tallinn

Best album: WTH Jay and yeezy say what you want the shit was hot!

Best movie of the year: Drive

Worst movie of the year: melancholia
just way too depressing for my tastes

Best tv show: Breaking bad Walt is turning into Tony Soprano season after season the audience will lose sympathy for him just as they did T

Best advice for travelers: never book a flight when your high I had a 9hour layover in Berlin...also take travelers checks no cashiers checks.

Favorite bar/pub: Embassy just sit back and let the rap music take over you.

Wish for 2012: Knicks to win it all.

Another wish for 2012: cherish everything when I get back to the states we don't know how good we have it til we go somewhere else.

Hope everybody has a happy new year and oh yeah happy kwanza it's the 3rd day Umoja or kujichagulia, I can't remember what the third day is maybe my mom can give me a comment or something, she is probably shaking her head but we haven't celebrated it since high school so give me a break.

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