Old Town

Old Town

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas is always right around the corner

Yeah I'm back at it. Feeling good about the new year.  Everything has worked out here this far, I guess if I stay positive things should stay positive as well. I have been working on film projects here in Tallinn in some sort of capacity.  The sad thing is that a good amount of Erasmus students will be going home, and whether or not I see them again will remain to be seen until I actually do see them again.  I been watching a lot of movies lately on my mac.  I'm glad the computer is working up to full speed it makes me feel better about doing my work.  I am still at the G4S dormitory and its getting on my nerves.  Its just so far from everything and having a room mate in that small room is not such a good idea.  I found another dorm so hopefully I will relocate in the near future.  On a promotional note for the G4S Dormitory:  If you like regulations and isolation from the city center then the G4S dormitory is for you, BTW the cab drivers in Tallinn for the most part have never heard of Marsi St.  Or at least that is what they tell me when I try to get a cab.

It finally started snowing here this week, its nice, but Estonians think that I will get tired of it real soon.  I think they might be right because it snowed off and on for about 2 days in a row.  In the morning its real cold and that can crush your motivation to go to classes early in the morning.  Its a challenge some days but for the most part I have been making some sort of effort to get to class, if not on time then just getting there is considered an accomplishment, I know I am thinking of relocating but I think it will all be worth it.  I need a real dormitory atmosphere like the one at Southern University, well let me take that back the dorms on the yard are not where you want to be.  Small, run down and in some cases its like being in the 3rd world bathroom or something at least that is the way it was when I was there any of my old SU people will remember ''Hotel Lotti'' and the infamous Jones Hall which was in some ways like a housing project, at the same time anything you needed was in Jones Hall- 403B had that fire so did 101D and a slew of other rooms... Names will be protected.

On another note the holidays are here and it seems like the weeks are flying by.  I guess that is a good thing because that means that I am keeping busy and at the same time having a good time.  There are a bunch of parties and it seems like I will be attending my fair share of them, I gotta see the Erasmus students again before they roll out for good.  I have had a good semester, it being my first I can say that it has been the best of any first semester at any school I have ever been too.  That is a bold statement which many will dispute considering my list of previous institutions of higher education.  I guess the best thing is the isolation from people from home.  Not having to work and keeping things in a good perspective also have something to do with it.  That and the fact that I dont have to hear peoples problems from back home unless its somebody bitching about something on facebook. I came here to get away from all that and its working out so far.  I hope I can keep this momentum going for the next 3 years.

I had a conference with an American teacher about English composition.  My desire is there but something is making me not care.  I think its the fact that I have taken about 3 english related classes before coming to this school and being an American and having to take the class again seems like a slap in the face! I am going to request not to take it next semester and take a more beneficial class of Creative Writing next semester I hope they go for it if not fuck it I will sit through more of the same and like it.  I watched The Maltese Falcon the other day and I gotta tell you it never gets old.  I didn't really appreciate it when my father used to have me watch it with him years ago, but now I see how good of a movie it is.  I am gonna close this one off cuz there are a bunch of dudes trying to figure out the dubbing machine in the lab right over my shoulder.  To all the people reading this and enjoying it I will try to post a little more, just so you guys can have some shit to read in your spare time.  For the most part the feedback has been positive and I am sure there will be more parties to report on.  I am trying not to get too personal cuz I know people wanna know a little more and sometimes its for the better sometimes its for the worst.


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